Death Cab for Cutie w/ the Magik*Magik Orchestra @ Walt Disney Concert Hall 5/7/12

“There’s no blame for how our love did slowly fade…”

Monday was one of those days that you wish never happened…or better yet, hoped it was all a bad dream. Well, it was real…and so i must deal. This show saved my Monday…it was so perfectly on point and exactly what i needed to gain some insight and clarity on several on-going issues, and also provided a much needed escape…in other words, it was an incredibly successful therapy session. Not gonna lie…some tears were shed during “Title & Registration”…it just struck a chord with that one line [see subtitle of this ‘post’]. What can i say, Ben Gibbard is one of my 2 favorite songwriters (the other being Conor Oberst). And by favorite, i mean “most relatable & relevant to my life, my experiences, my emotions, my thoughts…etc.”

Casual listeners of DCFC won’t really understand, but for those that know the Death Cab catalog…you can appreciate the depth and sincerity of their songs. With their sweeping, expansive instrumentation OR the stripped down piano/vox & guitar/vox, this venue served them (and the audience) quite well. It was crisp, awe-inspiring, intimate yet subtle…mixed with the architecture of the building…simply stunning.  By the 3rd song (Movie Script Ending) i decided to record the performance (audio only)…so glad i did. It sounds pretty damn good…surprisingly good, for a show recorded on an iPhone. To share, I have included my full audio recordings of Monday nights performance below (minus the first 2 songs & first song from encore “Steadier footing”). The volume sounds low in the beginning, but quickly picks up with the next few tracks. You can view the full setlist here for reference…and I have provided a “lyrical” setlist, if you will, featuring my favorite “bits and pieces” from [most] of the songs performed. Browse while you listen…can you match up the lyrics with the correct song?
Sadly, i was really hoping they’d play “Unobstructed Views” & “St. Peter’s Cathedral” as i feel they were made for a venue like this. Definitely a missed opportunity, in my opinion. But i can’t be too disappointed, as the boys and their all female orchestra delivered one of their finest shows i have had the pleasure of seeing. Well done.

Here’s the live audio recordings:
01 Live Performance – Pt. 1
02 Encore – pt 2
03 Finale_ Transatlanticism – pt. 3

When you feel embarrassed then I’ll be your pride. When you need directions then I’ll be the guide

Passing through unconscious states, when I awoke, I was on… the onset of…a later stage…

With your hand on my shoulders, a meaningless movement… a movie script ending

There’s no blame for how our love did slowly fade, and now that it’s gone, it’s like it wasn’t there at all. And here I rest, where disappointment and regret… collide, when I’m lying awake at night

But I couldn’t think of anywhere I would have rather been, to watch it all burn away…

Because the air we breathe is thinning with the words that we speak

We were both broken in our own ways, Sifting through the rubble for the wrong things…I know you’ve got a vengeful heart, and I cannot be stopped as soon as I start

…It felt just like falling in love again…

When you find yourself the villain, In the story you have written, It’s plain to see/ That sometimes the best intentions, Are in need of redemptions/ Would you agree?

Pinch to snub that restless nerve, and knock the wind from one last urge, with two fingers a rock glass, Time passed and that was that, Quite a slip (a loosened grasp) … What a way to cut lengthwise…

I can’t keep up ’cause you’re so far gone and it’s all too much hindsight

And soon everybody will ask what became of you, ‘Cause your heart was dying fast and you didn’t know what to do

It came to me then, that every plan, is a tiny prayer to father time

So brown eyes I hold you near cause you’re the only song I want to hear, a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

And when she sings, I hear a symphony/ and I’m swallowed in sound as it echoes through me

I let you bum a smoke, you quit this winter past. I’ve tried twice before but like this, it just will not last

You keep twisting the truth, That keeps me thrown askew.

Tiny vessels oozed into your neck/ And formed the bruises that you said/ you didn’t want to fade/ But they did and so did I that day

So one last touch and then you’ll go, And we’ll pretend that it meant something so much more. But it was vile and it was cheap, and you are beautiful but you don’t mean a thing to me

The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row, It seems farther than ever before…Oh no…I need you so much closer…


2 thoughts on “Death Cab for Cutie w/ the Magik*Magik Orchestra @ Walt Disney Concert Hall 5/7/12

  1. Joe says:

    thanks for providing an audio. I saw them in concert at the Beacon Theatre. They were amazing with the Magik Magik Orchestra

  2. Cool review, love that line from Title and Registration. Thank you so much for sharing the audio. I was pissed that I couldn’t get tickets to this cause they sold out so fast.

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